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Film still holds a place in the digital era

While he was certainly not the first to do so, cartoonist Berkeley Breathed took the best stab at bringing the future of photography into sharp focus when he tackled the subject in an installment of his "Outland" comic strip published in the early 1990s. "The camera has croaked," laments Opus the penguin as his pal Oliver dangles a 35mm camera over a toilet like a dead goldfish. "Photography has kicked the bucket, pushed into an early grave by digital computer imagery." After they flush it, Opus asks "Should we get a shot of this?" and Oliver replies "Naw, I'll make a digital composite of ourselves with an enhanced background later."
Over a decade later, many professional photographers have followed their lead, although others still hold out against the inevitable advance of digital technology, and few have been as quick to discard the old ways as Opus and company. In fact, some, such as Eric Welch, photo editor for the Gemological Institute of America, believe film could still be a viable alternative, but they're frustrated with what they see as Kodak's abandonment of the market.

Written by Brad Cook23 Sept. 04 22:00