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The changing role of a CIO

A lot of people mistake the CIO to be the 'geek", and that's not true. Well, not entirely true! The real planning and drive that an organisation gets because of its alignment between business and IT objectives, is what the CIO is responsible for. The link between business, technology and the rate of progress for any organisation, is usually what the the head of the department helps contribute to.
The Head of IT or CIO has been accepted as a key participant of the strategic decision making process throughout the developed world. Is that the same situation in Pakistan? In order to understand the answer to this question, we need a refresher on where the CIO role came from. The evolution of an IT department within a large organisation in Pakistan follows a similar path from that of the west; just that it was about 20 years behind. The term IT refers to Information Technology and therefore it can be understood to mean the use of technology for business purpose. Networking on the other hand has been a domain of the communication technology.

Written by Nauman Sheikh21 Feb. 09 22:00