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Vodafone tipped to be bringing Kindle to NZ

Despite reports that New Zealand is to miss out on the first international distribution of's Kindle e-book device, sources within Vodafone say the mobile phone giant is talking to Amazon about bringing the Kindle to New Zealand.
The sources wouldn't be drawn on details such as the date when the Kindle would be available or New Zealand pricing. These are subject to what the sources call "deep discussions" with the massive US e-tailer.

Written by Juha Saarinen07 Oct. 09 22:00


IT budgets are not immune to the recession, having come under pressure as cost-cutting measures sweep through organisations.
However, one area appears to be thriving despite the deflationary times, or maybe thanks to them, if Gartner is to be believed: the market for business intelligence tools.

Written by Juha Saarinen30 Aug. 09 22:00