Stories by Gregor Petri

Rush in too fast and you’ll crash

You wouldn't race down the motorway the day after you've passed your driving exam. You need to mature: learn the basics, build up your experience, and plan ahead. Virtualisation is no different. Almost every organisation is rushing headlong to deploy the technology, create the building blocks for cloud computing, and capitalize on the advantages of agility, cost, quality, and risk.
But rushing with the speed of a Formula 1 driver into a virtualisation strategy - whether it is a stand-alone virtual or hybrid physical and virtual environment - is fraught with risk. Don't expect to deliver a dynamic, self-service virtualised datacentre overnight. Like driving, you need to adopt a maturity approach - building your virtual cloud future one step at a time. Try and do it all at once, and you'll either stall or crash.

Written by Gregor Petri28 July 10 22:00