Stories by Jim Duffy

Cisco leading another IoT standards group

Cisco has been named a founding member and director of yet anotherInternet of Things standards group to help promote and encourage use of networked machines.

Written by Jim Duffy07 July 15 05:54

Enterprise disaggregation is inevitable

Back in March, the issue was raised whether disaggregation -- decoupling network software from hardware for choice and flexibility -- could play in the enterprise as well as the service provider realm.

Written by Jim Duffy26 June 15 06:58

Enterprises lukewarm to SDNs

Even though service providers are well on their way with SDNs, enterprise adoption of the technology is slowed by a host of issues.

Written by Jim Duffy20 June 15 02:53

Cisco plans to embed security everywhere

Cisco this week announced a plan to embed security throughout the network -- from the data center out to endpoints, branch offices, and the cloud -- in an effort to avoid pervasive threats.

Written by Jim Duffy10 June 15 04:17

Cisco's Chambers: A retrospective

You don't become one of the most admired and successful CEOs in Silicon Valley and in all of business by doing many things wrong.

Written by Jim Duffy07 May 15 04:36

SDN in 2014: A year of non-stop action

The past year was a frantic one in the SDN industry as many players made strategic and tactical moves to either get out ahead of the curve on software-defined networking, or try to offset its momentum.

Written by Jim Duffy23 Dec. 14 07:35