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Balancing innovation with risk

"If you are constantly running, your competition will bite you sooner or later. But if you stand still, the competition will definitely swallow you." That is how Anupam Mittal, chairman of People Group -- better known for its offering -- put the problem of business.
K.K. Modi, chairman of the K.K. Modi group, Daljit Singh, president of Fortis Healthcare, and B.S. Nagesh, MD & CEO of Shopper's Stop, agreed with Mittal. Together, they constituted a panel of CEOs that exchanged views on balancing growth, risk and innovation, and the role that CIOs play in enabling growth. The discussion was held at the CIO 100 Symposium and Awards Ceremony 2007, and was moderated by Vijay Ramachandran, editor-in-chief of IDG Media. Modi, Singh and Nagesh echoed the sentiment that growth is the mantra for any business before proceeding to their experiences.

Written by Gunjan Trivedi25 Jan. 08 22:00

Terminal velocity

Everyone's perpetually in a rush; we live in a 24x7 world and being in a hurry comes with the territory. How many times have you rushed to the airport after an extended brainstorming session, only to find a long, serpentine queue at your check-in counter? Hoping against hope and good sense you join the line. Every passing 30 seconds increases your frustration exponentially. Precious minutes tick by. You get the idea, right? You're going to miss your flight. You've been there before.

Written by Gunjan Trivedi19 Jan. 08 00:19