Stories by Rob Enderle

How Google killed Nest and why acquisitions fail

Google buying Nest is a good example of why most companies should avoid acquisitions. Columnist Rob Enderle writes that you can’t buy people, and a firm without the employees who made it a success is a failure in the making.

Written by Rob Enderle11 June 16 02:41

15 ways to not get fired from your dream job

You’ve got your dream job, now how do you keep it? Columnist Rob Enderle shares 15 things you should know before you even start your new dream job in order to not get fired.

Written by Rob Enderle23 April 16 05:15

4 reasons mergers and acquisitions are doomed to fail

Columnist Rob Enderle writes that if executives would learn from mistakes rather than focus on blame when things go south, acquisitions might not always crash and burn.

Written by Rob Enderle16 April 16 01:18

Toyota wants robots to do the driving for us

Toyota is not only looking to the future of cars, but to a future of robotic cars. Columnist Rob Enderle writes that Toyota is working on two models of autonomous vehicles so you can be safe when you are driving or when the computer is driving.

Written by Rob Enderle09 April 16 02:24

Belgium attacks reinforce that security is everybody’s problem

In light of the tragedy in Belgium columnist Rob Enderle writes that it is more important than ever to rethink our security efforts. People seem to think security is someone else’s problem, but the reality is that security is something we all need to own.

Written by Rob Enderle26 March 16 00:05

The pros and cons of hyper-converged solutions

Though hyper-converged solutions are currently very popular, columnist Rob Enderle writes that despite how flexible and powerful they can be, there are issues.

Written by Rob Enderle19 March 16 01:55

Donald Trump vs. Steve Jobs: The tale of two con artists

Donald Trump and Steve Jobs understand that reality doesn’t matter. It’s what people believe that matters. However, columnist Rob Enderle writes it’s not just about convincing folks you will be successful in a turnaround, it’s about doing whatever is needed to assure success. Only one of these guys got that right.

Written by Rob Enderle05 March 16 01:30

Why Apple is right to fight FBI over iPhone access

Columnist Rob Enderle is not an Apple fan, however, he backs Tim Cook’s efforts to prevent the FBI from creating a security key that could access all iPhones. Here’s why such a key could potentially do billions of dollars of damage.

Written by Rob Enderle20 Feb. 16 05:14

How Fiorina failed to use analytics to succeed in business and politics

The current presidential election showcases how Carly Fiorina failed to use tech to her advantage, writes columnist Rob Enderle. The inability or desire to learn the tools your company sells or that assure employee loyalty leads to failure in both business and politics.

Written by Rob Enderle13 Feb. 16 05:21

Can IBM redefine the future of email?

IBM may have a great product in Verse, but columnist Rob Enderle writes that if Big Blue can’t figure out how to market this powerful email offering, it will never rise to its potential.

Written by Rob Enderle06 Feb. 16 04:46

The Internet of Things has a vision problem

With the IoT, we desperately need a common vision of a tomorrow and a critical mass of folks to believe enough to make happen, writes columnist Rob Enderle.

Written by Rob Enderle30 Jan. 16 07:02

Battling cyberattacks with bombs?

Columnist Rob Enderle says a recent data breach investigation report should have you rethinking your cybersecurity strategies. Here’s why you may want to buy a bunker.

Written by Rob Enderle23 Jan. 16 03:34

yARN: Tech industry stupidity reigned supreme in 2015

Columnist Rob Enderle describes 2015 as yet another year when stupid decisions were the norm. He would like to see folks finally learning from their mistakes, but he won’t be holding his breath.

Written by Rob Enderle31 Dec. 15 16:22

Why iOS and Android will soon become obsolete

The market is eventually going to move to one product that scales from a smartphone to a PC. Columnist Rob Enderle says it doesn’t appear that either Apple or Google will dominate this coming shift.

Written by Rob Enderle04 Dec. 15 20:41

The ironic history of the hybrid Cloud

While researching the history of the hybrid Cloud for a presentation, columnist Rob Enderle discovered some interesting and surprising facts.

Written by Rob Enderle06 Nov. 15 20:07