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Dell XPS 13 2015 is a MacBook Air killer

Dell's new XPS13 is a MacBook Air killer that shoehorns a 13-inch screen into a bezel that would normally hold an 11-inch panel. The new laptop also features Intel's new Broadwell U CPU and a high-resolution touch screen.

Written by PC World Staff29 Jan. 15 08:32

The top 5 tech products of 2013

We test hundreds of products during the year, but here are the five that we just can't stop talking about.

Written by PC World Staff12 Dec. 13 09:05

In Pictures: 50 best tech products of 2013

Notebooks, tablets, and other mobile devices feature prominently in this year’s list, along with a fair number of peripherals and gadgets designed to make you more productive.

Written by PC World Staff12 Dec. 13 08:53

The 25 most innovative products of the year

Make no mistake, the Web is taking over. Applications are moving to browsers en masse, and technology to take Web apps offline promises to smooth the road ahead. And let's not forget breakthrough devices advancing the Web-anywhere world: Apple has redefined the phone, and One Laptop per Child's sub-$200 laptop is delivering Internet-style collaboration to kids in developing nations. But innovation isn't all on the Web; the PC is evolving as well. Apple has reenvisioned backup, HP has created the first useful touch-screen PC, hybrid hard drives boost speed and battery life, and ultraportables have become even more useful. Chosen from the hundreds of products we reviewed in 2007, here are 25 that will change the way you work, communicate, and play this year--and beyond.

Written by PC World Staff28 Dec. 07 15:53

Going mobile

Just because you don't want to schlep a laptop doesn't mean you can't stay connected. For a few years now, cell phones, PDAs, and portable computers have been shrinking, merging, and converging into a number of tiny data/communications devices. These smart phones, PDA/phone combos, and handheld PCs can keep you plugged in to e-mail, instant messaging, voice calls, and even the Web, wherever you go.

Written by PC World Staff19 Jan. 05 22:36