Stories by Jack M. Keen and Bonnie Digrius

The emotional intangibles of enigma

Want to inject some life into an otherwise subdued meeting about IT project selection? Take an emphatic stand for including intangibles as a fundamental element of the decision-making process.
Intangibles are an emotional enigma to IT investment decision-making, and there are many different opinions on what to do about the nonquantifiable benefits put forth in defense of making an IT investment. Some of the typical opinions include, "They should be an integral part of credible IT project selection. They should be used as a tiebreaker only. Ban them entirely--they reflect wishful thinking. They are the only true decision factors and thus should drive everything." Not surprisingly, many decision teams, evaluation committees and business case members end up confused and frustrated concerning the approach they should take with such soft benefits.

Written by Jack M. Keen and Bonnie Digrius02 March 03 22:00