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Ten improvements we'd like to see in iOS

Like clockwork, Apple has released a new major version of its iOS mobile operating system every summer since 2008, and we expect 2013 to be no different. iOS 7 seems likely to take its bow at the company's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, which will be held June 10 through 14 in San Francisco.

Written by Macworld Staff29 April 13 13:57

Tim Cook outlines vision of post-PC world

Apple usually lets its products do the talking. But to kick off Wednesday’s iPad launch event, Apple CEO Tim Cook took to the stage to outline his company’s vision for what he calls the post-PC world and where Apple’s tablet fits into that world.

Written by Macworld Staff09 March 12 01:13

The man who saved Apple

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs died Wednesday after a long illness. He was 56. Jobs, who reigned as Apple CEO for 14 years, resigned his post in August 2011 and was replaced by Tim Cook, who previously was the company's Chief Operating Officer. Jobs, in turn, was elected as chairman of Apple's board of directors.

Written by Macworld Staff04 Oct. 11 22:00

Macworld's annual forecast of the year ahead

With the calendar flipping from one year to the next this past week, it's only natural to wonder what the next 365 days have in store. It's even more understandable if you're a Mac fan. After all, Macworld Expo looms just a week or so away, and with that annual trade show comes the promise of new and exciting developments from Apple and beyond.

Written by Macworld Staff04 Jan. 08 21:59