Stories by John P. Mello Jr.

Yahoo CEO reaffirms decision to prohibit telecommuting

When Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer announced she was sacking the company's telecommuting program, her office deferred questions about the decision to a corporate spokesperson with a typical nonresponsive response about the matter: the company does not discuss internal matters.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.22 April 13 17:49

Another Breach Reveals Weak Passwords: Will We Ever Learn?

It has been 18 months since more than 188,000 passwords for subscribers to Gawker were snatched by hackers and posted to the Web, but consumers don't seem any more inclined to protect their passwords now than they were then.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.10 June 12 16:46

Who's the King of Smartphone sales?

Android phone stalwart Samsung has announced record profits for the first three months of this year, profits driven by its flourishing smartphone sales.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.30 April 12 03:39

Facebook to Porn Spammers: We Know Who You Are

Facebook says it knows who was behind the <a href="">massive spam attack</a> on the social network this week--although it isn't naming them--and it intends to take legal action against them.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.18 Nov. 11 08:13

Online communities as risk carriers?

Online community groups are enticing because the members share common interests. But they also can cause people to make risky financial decisions.

Written by John P. Mello Jr.18 Sept. 11 22:00