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Security more important than ever in tough times

John Martinicky has been working in the security department of Navistar International, a manufacturer of heavy trucks and engines in Illinois, since 1982.
Today, as the director of global security for Navistar, Martinicky oversees the company's entire portfolio of security operations. He spoke about how the program has evolved over the years, and why it is more important now than ever before.

Written by Joan Goodchild25 May 09 22:00

Mistakes, not insiders, to blame for most breaches

2008 was a banner year for security breaches, according to new research from Verizon. And while many security vendors have been banging the drum about the threat of malicious insiders, this report indicates organisations should be more wary of outside attacks.

Written by Joan Goodchild19 April 09 22:00

Security tops IT budget priorities

Security is on the minds of American companies and many are still making room in their budgets to invest in IT security initiatives, according to a new survey by Robert Half Technology.

Written by Joan Goodchild14 April 09 22:00

How to communicate security's value to non-security people

The biggest challenge security teams face in their organisation is one of perception, according to Michael Santarcangelo, founder of Security Catalyst, a New York-based consultancy focused on changing the way people protect information.

Written by Joan Goodchild16 March 09 23:00

Security Pros warm to Web 2.0 access

Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, once viewed as high-risk, productivity-sucking applications, seem to have wiggled their way into the hearts of security teams nationwide. In fact, most organizations no longer block the popular web sites and allow employees to access these Web 2.0 applications at work, according to a new survey from the Security Executive Council.

Written by Joan Goodchild07 March 09 22:00

Five Tips for Managing Security in a Recession

In the current economic downturn, many companies are cutting costs and security expenses are frequently part of the equation when considering where to save or spend money. New research released Monday by RSA, the security division of EMC, tapped the expertise of ten large companies with dedicated security executives and operations and asked: How can security be managed, and even drive innovation, in the current economic downturn?

Written by Joan Goodchild12 Feb. 09 10:18

Obama Inauguration Highlights Executive Protection

Between the pending presidential inauguration and roiling anti-corporate sentiment, executive protection is more critical than ever. Expert Robert Oatman explains the elements of a good program, the impact of technology, and more.

Written by Joan Goodchild13 Jan. 09 01:54

The three global risks to business in 2009

Anyone who reads the headlines these days knows the world is an uncertain place. And 2009 will be one that brings even more changes and uncertainty, according Control Risks, an independent, specialist risk consultancy.

Written by Joan Goodchild28 Dec. 08 22:00

How Shipping Companies Can Fight Pirates

Pirates in the waters off the coast of Somalia are capturing new vessels almost weekly and asking for large ransom. A pirate expert, and former victim, gives his advice on what companies can do.

Written by Joan Goodchild11 Dec. 08 11:28

Is it too late to save Facebook?

A warning to those who love such social media sites as Facebook: The bad guys are coming for you.

Written by Joan Goodchild09 Dec. 08 22:00

Survey: Despite Risks, Employees Still Holiday Shop at Work

As Cyber Monday approaches, research suggests a majority of workers will use their work computer to shop this holiday season. But despite the continued growth in online shopping, employees and business still don't understand the risk.

Written by Joan Goodchild27 Nov. 08 10:02

Three Ways Internet Crime Has Changed

Malware and botnets and phishing, oh my! Symantec's latest report on the Internet threat landscape highlights trends in cybercrime.

Written by Joan Goodchild06 Nov. 08 10:17

Top reasons why employees dodge security rules

According to a recent survey from security firm RSA, a majority of workers polled said they regularly feel the need to dodge corporate security policies in order to get their job done.

Written by Joan Goodchild29 Oct. 08 22:00

Inside Symantec's Security Operations Center

The inside of the Symantec Security Operations Center looks like a scene out of the movie "War Games," and in many ways, the connection is fitting. The SOC, as it is known by Symantec employees, is in the business of detecting and analyzing network threats. And as malicious activity online gets increasingly more sophisticated, the war against cybercrime is definitely on.

Written by Joan Goodchild16 Oct. 08 08:38

Information security trends: Past, present & future

As a senior vice president in charge of industry analyst relations with CA, Joanne Moretti is required to always have her finger on the pulse of information security.
Moretti, who was recently named a "Woman of Influence" at the Executive Women's Forum, has been working in IT and security for more than 20 years. Her career as a security practitioner began as an ACF2 programmer on mainframes. She joined CA as a technical consultant and eventually worked her way up to general manager of sales, first with CA Canada, and then for CA's US West business. She assumed her current IAR role earlier this year. Moretti recently sat down with CSO Senior Editor Joan Goodchild to talk about what she's seen CSOs and CIOs struggle with over the years. She also forecasts pain points that are coming down the line.

Written by Joan Goodchild27 Sept. 08 22:00