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In Pictures: 9 free personal Clouds

Personal Cloud services allow users to store data, share it among devices and collaborate with teams

Written by Wayne Rash24 Sept. 13 09:19

E-Security delivers big security picture

One of the first things you notice when you start working with IDSes is that they produce a lot of data. In fact, this flood of data can be so overwhelming that the usefulness of products such as Snort can become questionable. Yes, you can eventually tune them so that they filter out some of the noise, but that can require an investment in staff hours nearly as vast as the deluge of data itself. And that's only one source. Add to this the streams of data from your firewalls, the log files from your servers, and reports from vulnerability management products and other network devices, and your management picture goes from being difficult to basically hopeless.
Enter e-Security. The company -- and the product of the same name -- seeks to dam the flood and to filter it to retrieve only what's important and relevant. The result is a stream of information that gives you a real-time look at your security status. You can see instantly when an attack begins or when something goes wrong with your enterprise network. You can spot suspicious activity when it starts, and you can tell when someone is trying to hack your defenses or when a worm starts trying to spread.

Written by Wayne Rash19 Sept. 04 22:00

Interview: VoIP set to transform communications

Voice over IP (VoIP) is set to transform telecommunications in the next five to 10 years. And with telecom companies moving their telephone calls from circuit-switched telephone networks to packet-based data, there have been calls for U.S. telecom regulatory policy to change as well. Neal Shact, CEO of CommuniTech Inc., a telecommunications equipment vendor specializing in headsets, video, and audio teleconferencing equipment, spoke to InfoWorld Senior Analyst Wayne Rash about the FCC's hearings and what VoIP solutions in the enterprise are going to look like.

Written by Wayne Rash27 Jan. 04 22:00