Stories by Johna Till Johnson

A virtual workplace poses new IT challenges

One of the interesting things that's been happening over the past few years is that just as workforces have become less centralized, IT departments have gotten more so. The vast majority of companies I work with consider themselves virtual, meaning that employees work together on teams from widely distributed geographies. Yet fewer IT teams are virtual in the same sense -- in many cases IT teams are increasingly consolidated into a few central sites.

Written by Johna Till Johnson15 May 08 10:55

Social networks and the wisdom of crowds

There's a lot of buzz lately about the concept of social networking. You've got to admit the phrase is pretty silly. First off, it's redundant: Networks, by definition, are already social -- they connect humans. Plus, what's the opposite -- "antisocial networking"? Going online to tell everyone how much you hate them?

Written by Johna Till Johnson29 Oct. 07 10:02

State of the Web services world

Nemertes Research LLC worked with 45 companies to benchmark how they're deploying Web services, what benefit they're achieving, and how they're measuring and monitoring the performance of these services.

Written by Johna Till Johnson11 March 03 08:30