Stories by Michael Kan

China's Alibaba backs Amazon rival ShopRunner

Alibaba Group is targeting the U.S. market with a US$200 million investment in ShopRunner, an online retailer that competes with, a source familiar with the deal said Friday.

Written by Michael Kan11 Oct. 13 04:42

A tale of two Lenovos: how the company thrives in China

Consumers outside of China don't think of Lenovo much beyond laptops, but in that country the company has a wide reach including a growing line of mobile devices. Explore the hidden -- and larger -- side of Lenovo in this slideshow

Written by Michael Kan27 Sept. 13 12:41

HTC sells back stake in Beats in failed partnership

HTC is selling back the remainder of its stake in Beats Electronics, shedding its financial ties to the headphones vendor in a partnership that did little to help turn the smartphone maker's fortunes around.

Written by Michael Kan27 Sept. 13 12:40

HTC cutting jobs at US operations

In another sign of trouble at HTC, the Taiwan-based smartphone maker started downsizing its US operations on Friday, cutting an undisclosed number of staff.

Written by Michael Kan16 Sept. 13 12:33

Apple's new iPhone 5C struggles to satisfy in China, but bright spots remain

Before Apple announced its lower cost iPhone 5C, some had speculated the C could stand for China, a vital market for the company's future growth. But on Wednesday, consumers in the country appeared less than thrilled with the new smartphone amid expectations it would be far more affordable than the standard iPhone.

Written by Michael Kan11 Sept. 13 09:52