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Ford to cut cord on 8,000 phones

Ford Motor Co. is replacing the traditional wireline phones of 8,000 employees in its product development department with wireless phones from Sprint.
The move, believed to be the largest of its kind, continues a trend that's well underway in the consumer world but just getting started in corporate America: Businesses are eliminating some, or all, of their wireline desktop phones in favor of going all-wireless, all the time.

Written by Denise Pappalardo17 Jan. 05 22:00

Carriers jump into auditing

A growing number of major US carriers are in effect addressing the problem of inaccurate telecom bills this way: "We'll be happy to review and audit those bills for you, but for a price."
Third-party vendors started offering telecom bill-auditing services to large US corporations more than 10 years ago because billing errors were common and costly. Since then carriers have improved billing systems but those systems remain far from perfect. According to Aberdeen Group, up to 12 percent of all service charges on corporate telecom bills are in error.

Written by Denise Pappalardo25 Nov. 04 22:00

Ford signs up for 50,000 VoIP phones

Ford Motor Co.'s decision to pay SBC Communications Inc. US$100 million to deploy and manage a network of 50,000 VoIP phones is being touted by the carmaker as a money saver as the carrier plays up its entry into the heavyweight division of VoIP vendors.
The Ford deal is believed to represent the second-largest such deployment in the U.S., behind only The Boeing Co. and its 60,000 VoIP phones.

Written by Denise Pappalardo26 Sept. 04 22:00