Stories by Kim S. Nash

TCO versus ROI

Whether return on investment drives more technology decisions than total cost of ownership shows how your company views IT

Written by Kim S. Nash18 April 08 12:34

Top IT execs make millions of dollars

That fabled seat at the table that CIOs so crave comes with extra responsibility and pressure. And lots of money.
Every year, public companies must file proxy statements with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, to show what their top five highest- paid executives make in salary, bonuses and incentive pay such as stock and options awards. We took a look at the latest proxies filed by the 1000 biggest US companies to find out what compensation looks like these days for those elite CIOs ranked and rewarded highly enough at their companies to be included in the circle of five.

Written by Kim S. Nash28 Oct. 07 22:00

CIOs chug through bankruptcy

Bette Walker wouldn't wish corporate bankruptcy protection on anyone. But by managing her team during Delphi Corp.'s, two years under Chapter 11, Walker, the company's CIO, now knows more about her people and herself. She learned who she can count on. And her education began with frank talk from one of her toughest competitors.
Delphi, a US$26 billion spin-off of General Motors, entered chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in October 2005, with costs up and profits down for several years after 9/11.

Written by Kim S. Nash07 Oct. 07 21:00