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Study: Many US companies plan to eliminate mainframes

In a recent survey conducted by CIO and Computerworld magazines, roughly half of the 389 IT executives in our survey reported plans to expand their data centre facilities while 21 percent plan to consolidate. For those companies planning to consolidate, the focus will be on hardware, storage and networks with less consolidation efforts on applications and physical data centres. Additionally, close to half of companies surveyed plan to eliminate their mainframe in the next three years. While data centres are a critical underpinning of IT and a key asset for delivering technology and training staff, CIOs hope to reduce costs, introduce new applications and simplify centres in the future.
Key Findings

Written by Lorraine Cosgrove Ware16 July 06 22:00

Whatever happened to the CTO?

Recruiters, consultants and the media were abuzz about the chief technology officer title in the late 1990s.

Written by Lorraine Cosgrove Ware03 Oct. 02 22:00