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Crossing the line

There it is again: "Big Brother." This time, the term has crept onto the cover of this week's print issue and into the headline of Rob Mitchell's story, which warns that "Big Brother Really Is Watching." Few other terms elicit as much emotion as this one does.

Written by Don Tennant14 Jan. 08 16:53

Interview: HP's Ann Livermore on life after Carly

At the Storage Networking World conference in Phoenix , Ann Livermore, executive vice president of Hewlett-Packard Co.'s Technology Solutions Group, spoke with Computerworld US about life at the company after Carly Fiorina -- a life that's clearly focused on, among other things, building up HP's services business under an offshore-centric model.
What's the buzz at HP now that Mark Hurd has taken over as CEO? The buzz is good. The customer and employee reaction to Mark has been positive. He clearly has a very strong operational background and expertise, and a very deep knowledge of aspects of the computer industry. So he had a good match with the qualifications.

Written by Don Tennant14 April 05 22:00

Interview: Cognos CEO: BI ROI a 'fuzzy' metric

At the Business Intelligence Perspectives conference here in Palm Desert, California, Rob Ashe, CEO of Ottawa-based business intelligence software vendor Cognos, spoke with Computerworld US about the challenges associated with BI initiatives -- including an inherently "fuzzy" ROI.
You've said there's a lot of enthusiasm among your customers about Cognos' product portfolio. What, on the other hand, is their biggest gripe? I would say that with the transition of our business to be more strategic to our customers, our customers' expectations are higher around things like regulatory compliance. And we need to do a better job of servicing them to those higher expectations, as opposed to servicing them to the departmental expectations that we grew our business on. That involves the way we approach our services business -- the way our sales business and services business are more well-integrated.

Written by Don Tennant07 Oct. 04 21:00

Interview: CA's Barrenechea on exec shuffle, rebuts IBM

Mark Barrenechea, senior vice-president of product development at Computer Associates International, took issue with statements made about CA by Steve Mills, senior vice-president and group executive in charge of IBM's software business, in an interview. Barrenechea spoke with Computerworld US to rebut those comments and shed some light on the situation at CA in the wake of the ouster of CEO Sanjay Kumar.
Sanjay got a lot of the credit for improvements in customer satisfaction at CA. Why shouldn't users be concerned that with him out of the CEO position, CA might slide back into its old ways?

Written by Don Tennant26 April 04 22:00