Stories by Tim Greene

There’s finally reason to hope in the war against ransomware

Now when ransomware tries to take over your computer, there’s something you can be sides pay up: stop it, buy more time to deal with it or mitigate the damage it might do, Security BSides Boston conference was told.

Written by Tim Greene22 May 16 23:09

Next-generation endpoint protection not as easy as it sounds

Rather than looking for signatures of known malware as traditional anti-virus software does, next-generation endpoint protection platforms analyze processes, changes and connections in order to spot activity that indicates foul play and while that approach is better at catching zero-day exploits, issues remain.

Written by Tim Greene21 July 15 03:38

In Pictures: Robots that cook, clean, sing and dance

Cooking, learning language and doing the laundry are a few of the human skills demonstrated by.real humanoid bots featured in the National Geographic movie Robots.

Written by Tim Greene01 July 15 08:41

In Pictures: Check out RSA minus the booth babes

The world’s largest security show is operating under a booth babe ban, leaving exhibitors to stretch their imaginations to get more visitors to stop by.

Written by Tim Greene24 April 15 08:46

RSA: Fight attackers by making software revisions so quickly, exploits could be evaded

The future of software security may be revisions so frequent that attackers don't have time to figure out where the vulnerabilities are before the potential attack surface has morphed to something else, RSA Conference 2015 attendees were told by CISO of an investment non-profit that funds companies built on technology developed for the CIA.

Written by Tim Greene24 April 15 05:59

10 young security companies to watch in 2015

A wealth of young security companies is trying to capitalize on businesses moving toward security platforms that help them respond more quickly when they suffer successful cyberattacks in hopes of limiting the damage they do.

Written by Tim Greene10 March 15 21:06

Sony breach is a new breed of attack that needs new responses

The big lessons from the Sony breach are that businesses need better planning and to shift security investment away from trying to protect the network from attacks and toward quickly detecting and dealing with breaches, Gartner says.

Written by Tim Greene25 Feb. 15 05:43

Windows 8.1 backups can leave sensitive files exposed to Internet

The handy File History feature in Windows 8 and 8.1 is a convenience and a time-saver, but if set up without security in mind it can expose sensitive files to anyone on the Internet, security pros were told at a conference.

Written by Tim Greene02 Oct. 14 23:16