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Apple-IBM partnership is a direct challenge to Microsoft

IBM and Apple are teaming up to create enterprise apps to can run on Apple devices that business customers can manage and secure, creating a formidable direct challenge to plans Microsoft is trying to carry out on its own.

Written by Tim Greene16 July 14 10:25

CEO Nadella issues manifesto to shake up Microsoft

The 3000-word email posted on the company's news site for all the world to see sums up an array of goals for the company, among them dividing work and private data on devices, speed developing new products, creating new devices and device categories, and support for competitors' applications and operating systems.

Written by Tim Greene11 July 14 06:07

TechEd: Microsoft reveals new Office features available only in the Cloud

Microsoft showed off new Office features at TechEd 2014, but some of them will never be available to customers who don't embrace the cloud version of the software suite, Office 365, and the company will take its time bringing others to market for Office Server users.

Written by Tim Greene14 May 14 05:23

BYOD is fraught with legal peril, audience told

Businesses worry most about security when it comes to bring-your-own-device programs, but the legal ramifications of letting employees use personal smartphones and tablets at work can be just as threatening, attendees of Enterprise Connect were told.

Written by Tim Greene18 March 14 18:17

Gates: Microsoft products 'need more than a tune-up'

Microsoft's software is due for major changes in order to transition effectively into the era of Cloud computing and mobility, the company's co-founder Bill Gates says in a Rolling Stone interview.

Written by Tim Greene14 March 14 20:35

9 must-do's if you must stick with Windows XP

Without updates after April 8 Windows XP is expected to fall prey to any number of zero-day attacks for which Microsoft will provide no defense, but there are some things die-hard XP users can do to make their machines safer.

Written by Tim Greene05 March 14 14:15

Microsoft Lync to play nice with Cisco, Android

Microsoft is accommodating Cisco conferencing systems and Android tablets to help make Microsoft Lync and Skype communications platforms able to connect any customers by voice, video, messaging and conferencing regardless of what device they use.

Written by Tim Greene18 Feb. 14 17:19

6 things Satya Nadella should do right now

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has a long to-do-list that encompasses long-term plans that will take months and years to pan out, but there are some things he can jump on right away that will have a positive impact on the company and establish himself as a leader. Here are six.

Written by Tim Greene05 Feb. 14 22:12