Stories by Tim Greene

How to manage your multivendor firewalls like a pro

Auditing firewalls to keep regulators happy and tracking rule changes - especially for businesses buying firewalls from multiple vendors - is a burden that a variety of third-party software can lighten dramatically.

Written by Tim Greene28 Dec. 07 07:40

Katrina tests net service providers

The hardest-hit U.S. Gulf areas were wiped out during and after Hurricane Katrina, it wasn't for lack of some extraordinary efforts by skeleton carrier crews who remained behind to keep equipment online as windows shattered around them and New Orleans was evacuated.

Written by Tim Greene06 Sept. 05 07:48

Telcos wary of network-based VPNs and VOIP

Corporate telecom executives are still leery of network-based VPNs and VOIP, according to a report released by investment firm Sanford C. Bernstein & Co.
Holding them back are concerns about reliability, security and the ability of the technologies to pay for themselves over time, the study says.

Written by Tim Greene29 June 05 22:00

Inside telephony of the future

VoIP can save money (maybe), simplify network administration (maybe) and improve productivity (maybe), but let's face it, a major reason people are interested is that it has the potential to do some really cool stuff.

Written by Tim Greene22 June 05 14:10

VOIP apps take center stage at show

VOIP applications for businesses, including call center programs, multimedia conferencing and IP Centrex, will be dominant themes at this week's Spring VON 2005 conference.
The San Jose show, once dedicated to a carrier audience, now increases its focus on users of carrier services and private VOIP networks, given the rise in usage. Frost & Sullivan Inc. estimates VOIP services used by businesses this year will nearly triple last year's.

Written by Tim Greene05 March 05 22:00