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Five tips for using predictive analytics software

It can create new business. The Navy Federal Credit Union has applied predictive analytics technology from SPSS to the design of new products. Analysing how ATM withdrawals spiked just before and after a deployment led to the introduction of a checking account with ATM fee rebates for members on active duty. CIO Jerry Hermes says that other business units have since invited the analytics unit into their planning process.
You can't really know the future. Predictive analytics forecasts about your business are useful only as long as you understand that they describe probabilities. "The weatherman gets it wrong some times, even though we've spent hundreds of years collecting data and looking at correlations," says Royce Bell, CEO of Accenture Information Management Services.

Written by David F. Carr27 Oct. 09 22:00

Five things you need to know about smartphone security

Smartphones share many of the same risks of laptops and are easier to lose. Ajit Arya, deputy CIO for Arlington County, Va., supports both BlackBerrys and iPhones and is working to tighten its policies for managing them. "We have taken some basic steps," he says. For example, one recommended best practice is to require passwords. So far, the county has told employees they can set passwords but has not tried to enforce it as a requirement, Arya says.

Written by David F. Carr11 Sept. 09 05:27

Things CIOs must know about mainframe modernisation

1. Mainframe shops have to make decisions: whether to migrate to other platforms, add service-oriented architecture (SOA) interfaces or rewrite applications. With a half-baked strategy, IT winds up "bolting on all sorts of unusual, often architecturally inelegant" work-arounds, argues John B. Rabon, manager of legacy modernization at Aflac. "We saw this happening. You hit this wall of unintended consequences." Aflac is now 60 percent finished with a major conversion initiative.

Written by David F. Carr29 July 09 04:53