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Enterprise network trends to watch

What's going to shake things up in 2018? IT pros will have their hands full with technologies that have been hyped for some time and are now ripe for adoption, including software-defined WAN, hybrid cloud computing, hyperconvergence, and Internet of Things. See below for our collection of enterprise picks, predictions and prognostications.

Written by Network World staff04 Dec. 17 22:00

In Pictures: Top 25 iPhonies

Take a look back at the best of the Photoshopped speculation surrounding one of the most-hyped tech devices.

Written by Network World staff27 June 14 08:46

In Pictures: Who's who in the Microsoft shake-up?

Microsoft has announced its biggest reorganidation in years, and a lot of the new leaders have backgrounds in consumer businesses. Here's who's running the show.

Written by Network World staff12 July 13 08:11

Tech industry's biggest M&A deals of 2008

The top 15 mergers and acquisition deals in the network industry for 2008 were worth nearly US$65 billion, and companies involved ran the gamut from those specializing in IT services to network routers to wireless and security. Carriers such as AT&T, Verizon Wireless and CenturyTel were among the biggest spenders. Given the practically nonexistent tech IPO market, buyouts proved to be a popular exit strategy for many this year.
We've consolidated 60-plus tech M&A deals (and counting) from this year in our ongoing slideshow. Note that in many deals, the vendors don't publicly say how much they're forking over for their prize acquisitions, but here, we'll recap the top 15 based on publicly disclosed transaction values:

Written by Network World staff13 Dec. 08 22:00

Security dominates 2008 IT agenda

Will 2008 see the first serious security exploit in corporate VoIP networks? Or will network security breakdowns cast a pall on the upcoming presidential elections and Olympic games? Will users' Web 2.0 forays open the malware floodgates?

Written by Network World staff02 Jan. 08 16:08

Dawning of a new day in telecommunications as SBC acquires AT&T

SBC Communications Inc. is acquiring AT&T Corp. for about US$16 billion in a merger deal. AT&T, once the giant of the telecommunications industry, is being bought by one of the Bell companies that it once spun off some 20 years ago.
But SBC is a far cry from the RBOC that AT&T was forced to divest in 1984. The company has built itself into the second largest LEC, after Verizon Communications Inc., with acquisitions including RBOCs Pacific Bell and Ameritech.

Written by Network World staff31 Jan. 05 22:00

IBM sheds light on next Notes/Domino

IBM/Lotus is stepping up efforts to reassure users that its Notes/Domino collaboration platform isn't on the chopping block and will survive well into the future.

Written by Network World staff28 Sept. 04 08:15