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The importance of sharing security know-how

In an ongoing effort to promote a more secure computing environment, software giant Microsoft has increased its efforts to share its in-house SDL [secure development lifecycle] practice throughout the industry. Adoption of this secure architecture would help reduce the number of vulnerabilities as well as promote continuous improvements, it said.

Written by AvantiKumar25 June 10 04:11

Data centre managers forced to do more with less

Asia Pacific data centre managers face cost containment and staffing as lead issues, reports Symantec in its second annual data centres study.
Symantec Malaysia managing director Suzie Tan said that the study - 2008 Asia Pacific State of the Data Centre - was conducted by US research firm Applied Research at the end of 2008 from 1,600 responses from 21 countries, with 20 to 25 percent from the Asia Pacific region.

Written by AvantiKumar22 Feb. 09 22:00

Group warns that cybercrime will hit enterprise apps

A global e-business and security certification organization has warned that many commercial applications are being produced across the globe daily, creating new opportunities for malicious attacks on commercial institutions and government.

Written by AvantiKumar07 Oct. 08 09:30