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How to design a workload-centric IT infrastructure

Today's approach to IT infrastructure is inefficient. Your business cares about outcomes and services, but it's built on technology-centric silos. For most firms, each silo is represented by an autonomous department that selects technologies in a vacuum -- instead of realizing the value of integration with the other pieces of the firm.

Written by Andrew Reichman01 Oct. 12 14:56

Only three cloud storage use cases are ready for prime time

Despite the confusion surrounding what cloud storage really means and how it might be used, few advances in storage have been hyped as much as "cloud storage." Understandably, IT professionals are intrigued by the prospect of reducing their reliance on internal capabilities, eliminating capital spending, and improving the overall cost structure of specific parts of their storage environment by moving workloads to the cloud. At the same time, every vendor in the space is painting its products and message with a cloud veneer. To cut through the hype, Forrester defines cloud storage as:
Storage capacity that is disaggregated from the primary computing environment, with the location, ownership, and operation of the storage resources managed by a single or a combination of service providers.

Written by Andrew Reichman01 Sept. 10 22:00