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Ideas 2003: Relax. Don't do IT

Fact: Americans work too much. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that almost 26 million Americans spend 49 or more hours a week on the job. Of those workaholics, nearly 11 million work 60 or more hours weekly. And while the Japanese have cut 191 work hours from their average annual total in the past decade, Americans have added 58 according to an Aug. 26, 2002, article in Business Week.

Written by Mindy Blodgett27 Jan. 03 22:00

Ideas 2003: Thin is in

Displays for computers and handheld devices keep getting lighter and thinner, and now two new technologies -- OLEDs and E Ink -- promise to take this trend to the next level in 2003.

Written by Mindy Blodgett26 Jan. 03 22:00