Stories by Ben Rothke

Don’t use general recruiters in salary negotiations

In part 1, I addressed why firms struggle to find quality information security staff. In this segment, I’ll discuss how recruitment can help or hinder that, and get insights from noted information security recruiter Tracy Lenzner.

Written by Ben Rothke09 Nov. 15 17:56

What the Sony breach means for security in 2015

The recent (and perhaps ongoing) Sony breach was certainly one of the worst corporate data breaches we have seen to date. As 2014 draws to a close, no one knows the details with certainty of who the perpetrator was. Even so, it's undeniable that it's a breach that will forever change the way Sony does business.

Written by Ben Rothke24 Dec. 14 06:11

Are You Addicted to Information Insecurity?

A recent study has a finding that defies reason: close to half of 154 smokers who had surgery to remove early stage lung cancer picked up a cigarette again within 12 months of their operation, and more than one-third were smoking at the one year mark.

Written by Ben Rothke03 Feb. 09 07:25