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Six steps to a green data centre

Environmental issues exposed by the media and driven by consumers have placed IT departments under pressure to develop "green" data centres. Factors including the reduction of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions in large data centres often provide the impetus for becoming green. A recent report issued by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highlights the need for data centre efficiency and demonstrates the increased pressure that IT departments are under.
A green data centre is defined as one in which the mechanical, lighting, electrical and computer systems are designed for maximum energy efficiency and minimum environmental impact. The construction and operation of a green data centre involve advanced technologies and strategies. Some examples include: Reducing the energy consumption of the data centre; Minimizing building footprints; Maximizing cooling efficiency; Using low-emission building materials, carpets and paints; Installing catalytic converters on backup generators; Using alternative energy technologies such as photovoltaic electrical heat pumps and evaporative cooling.

Written by Darryl Wilson16 Oct. 08 22:00