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Opinion: Bringing outsourcing back in-house

With the economy heating up a bit, many IT managers are probably wondering how they might adjust to an environment of increased IT spending and necessary investments. Most IT managers became specialists in contraction (myself included), but should a more expansive environment change our approach?
I've written about outsourcing as a way to deal with tight budgets and a rough economy, but recently a fellow CTO asked me what I would do if the economy gets significantly better and budgets open up. Would I consider bringing anything I outsourced back in-house? I ticked off the list in my head -- help desk, file/print services, VPN, messaging, server management, and SFA -- and quickly realized that I wouldn't bring any of those services back in-house.

Written by Chad Dickerson09 Dec. 03 22:00

Mac OS X: It just works

Last week, I wrote about my re-awakening to the Mac OS X as a platform, driven largely by forces completely unrelated to enterprise IT -- I needed a computer at home after my PC died and I approached the Mac more as a "right now" solution than a right one. After a couple of weeks with the Mac and OS X, I'm pretty close to being a convert. As I said last week, I'm not ready to do a mass migration at InfoWorld, but OS X is definitely on my enterprise radar now.

Written by Chad Dickerson22 Sept. 03 10:04

Opinion: IT for weary travelers

Lately, I have been in one of my business traveling spells. And I've been thinking about how we all interact with technology while on the go, and what that means for enterprise IT.
Last year, I wrote briefly about my business travel experiences and noted the lack of in-flight Internet connectivity and the lack of 802.11 access points in airports and other public places. Recently, Lufthansa announced that it will roll out 802.11 and wired LAN connections on its Frankfurt-Washington route, and British Airways will follow suit with Connexion by Boeing Co. providing service in both cases. Why struggling U.S. carriers are slow to implement a presumably high-margin service is beyond me. Everyone I talk to says they would pay serious money to be online in the air. (U.S. airlines, are you listening? Hello?)

Written by Chad Dickerson12 June 03 22:00