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The perilous path to a new privacy

I recently sat down with my friend and colleague Michelle Dennedy, Vice President and Chief Privacy Officer for McAfee, to discuss the perilous path to a new privacy.

Written by Richard Power28 Feb. 12 06:12

Lights and shadows

These first two decades of Information Age, i.e., the 1990s and the 2000s, have transformed almost all aspects of human endeavor from bookselling to physics, from astrology to economics, and from pornography to politics; and the many ways in which the field of investigation has been impacted by information technology (IT) is of particular interest for me.
For example, in 1998, in my role as Editorial Director of Computer Security Institute (CSI), I interviewed the legendary private investigator, Terry Lenzer. He had solved the murder of three Civil Rights workers in Mississippi, served as Assistant Chief Counsel on the U.S. Senate Watergate Committee and as President Bill Clinton's personal sleuth). In the piece, we explored some of the evolving problems in the realm of online stock trading, etc. "The volume of only-line trades and the velocity at which they can be consummated has opened the door to all kinds of scams and frauds," Lenzner remarked, "including misappropriation by employees on trading desks who exceed their trading limits, the transmittal of information on the Internet in investor chat rooms being used anonymously by broker dealers to promote stocks or for shorting stocks. They are spreading false information about stocks going down." (World-Class Private Eyes Sharpen the Focus on Cyberspace, Computer Security Alert, 11/98).

Written by Richard Power05 Jan. 10 22:00