Stories by Christopher Hoenig

LEADERSHIP: Consult your moral compass

Real moments of truth last far longer than a moment. They are high-stakes decisions about agonizing moral dilemmas and sometimes indistinct trade-offs where deliberate thought and action is required.
Every moment of truth is like a storm on a leader's long voyage through life. Getting through these storms alive and well requires many choices. Some are made in public--for example, hard decisions about your staff. Some are made in collaboration, such as executive committee choices on corporate strategy. But most are made quietly, when no one is looking. It is how you behave when no one is looking--facing the forces of human nature--that molds your character, your leadership ability and your career.

Written by Christopher Hoenig31 March 03 22:00

The Leader's Playbook

The famous playbook of Vince Lombardi - the most renowned US gridiron coach of all time and a source of inspiration and wisdom for many corporate and political leaders in America - was based on one core idea: that a limited number of simple plays, coupled with intensive training on situational variations, could transform a team. Applied to the world of C-suite executives, Lombardi's playbook offers a unique window into the underpinnings of leadership.

Written by Christopher Hoenig09 Dec. 02 14:41

Take It to the Next Level

Most of the CIOs I meet are overachievers. They don't stay satisfied with any situation long. Once they've worked through the alignment challenge, the architecture and systems development portfolio, and the other fundamentals facing today's CIOs, they often yearn for something more. The best leaders are usually gazing over the horizon at that next adventure

Written by Christopher Hoenig09 Oct. 02 10:15

How Does Your Workforce Grow?

Gardeners constantly do three things: pick the best quality seeds, prune regularly to keep the plants shapely and healthy, and spend hours preventing pests and then treating the plants for any damage sustained. Those same three things should dominate any leader's approach to people management and staffing, whether on the small scale of a team or through a worldwide performance management system

Written by Christopher Hoenig05 Aug. 02 11:40