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Differing views on IT skills crunch

Yes, there really is an IT skills shortage, but its impact is perceived quite differently, depending on who you talk to. That was the key finding of a survey released recently by the Strategic Counsel, a Toronto-based research and consulting firm.

Written by Briony Smith04 April 08 20:41

The essential decision-making tool

Even when it comes to the most technical of choices (whether it be a new outsourcer or platform), any decision an IT manager makes will contain a mixture of intuition - that combination of experience, knowledge, and gut feel - and research and analysis. Tuning in to yourself could seem a little silly at first, but intuition is just as valuable as the latest facts and figures. Lynn Robinson, a Boston-based intuitive consultant, said.
"We're having to use intuition a lot more these days. Research and logic don't always give the right information or offer a decision quickly." One way to hone your intuition is to note how past gut feelings have come to you or paid off in the past. "Pay attention to how intuition speaks to you. That way, you can be ready for it the next time it happens," according to Robinson. But, said Dave Wallace, CIO for the City of Toronto, it's extremely important to operate your intuition on top of a solid base of your experiences and up-to-date knowledge.

Written by Briony Smith26 Sept. 07 22:00