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15 turning points in IT history

Imagine how different the computing world would be if IBM had used proprietary chips in the original PC, rather than off-the-shelf components. The PC clone market would never have happened, and IBM, rather than Microsoft, might have emerged as the leading company of the computer revolution.
Or if Steve Jobs had never taken his fateful tour of Xerox PARC? Had he not seen PARC's GUI in action he might never have created the Macintosh. And then where would Windows be today?

Written by Neil McAllister19 June 08 22:00

Oracle wins big with its Innobase acquisition

To the faithful, Oracle's acquisition of key MySQL partner Innobase is proof of what they've believed all along: MySQL's success is a threat to Oracle's database business and it's only a matter of time before the two companies collide.

Written by Neil McAllister02 Nov. 05 15:06

Red Hat open source directory challenges Novell

With its acquisition of Suse Linux in 2003, Novell set itself up as the chief commercial competitor to Red Hat Linux for the enterprise Linux market. Last week Red Hat struck back, this time bringing the competition to Novell's home court.

Written by Neil McAllister10 June 05 08:12

Microsoft and the 24-hour Linux phenomenon

Recently I had the opportunity to meet with Jim Allchin, Microsoft's group vice president in charge of platforms, to talk about the future of Windows. As it turned out, however, what he has to say about Linux is equally interesting.

Written by Neil McAllister25 April 05 13:08

With Linux, enough is sometimes too much

There's a lot more to the Linux operating system than just the kernel itself. Each Linux distribution ships with compilers, utilities, small tools, and even full-blown desktop applications. Some of that software is essential; no Linux system could run without it. In other cases, however, it's superfluous. Sometimes it's even a hindrance.

Written by Neil McAllister01 April 05 15:35