Stories by Reynold Lewke and Steve Kelner

Change and the CIO

Over the last 20 years, as the CIO role has changed, the competencies required to succeed have changed, as has the level of performance expected for CIOs to be successful. And it's getting harder for CIOs to distinguish themselves as outstanding.
As noted by Carl Wilson, 20 years ago the focus of IT was on technology only, and that technology was fragmented. The key priority for IT managers was keeping all those wonderful mainframes, minicomputers and PCs happily running in their own little worlds. Even within IBM's world, 3081s did not talk to AS/400s and definitely did not talk to PC-XTs. Thus, a limited number of relatively low-level competencies were all that was required to succeed: Functional technology expertise with a dose of results orientation, a dash of team leadership and a sprinkling of people development expertise.

Written by Reynold Lewke and Steve Kelner26 Sept. 07 22:00