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EC balks at planned joint venture from large music licensing companies

Online music could become more expensive in the European Union (EU) if a joint venture of licensing companies gets the green light, according to the European Commission, which started an in-depth investigation into the planned collaboration on Wednesday.

Written by Loek Essers15 Jan. 15 05:13

Temporary sales ban hits SanDisk's SSD server business

If you're looking to buy solid state drives (SSDs) from SanDisk to speed up your servers, you might be out of luck. A California court has issued a preliminary sales ban for controller chips that SanDisk uses in its high-speed SSDs.

Written by Loek Essers14 Jan. 15 03:31

Dutch government sued over data retention law

The Dutch data retention law will have its day in court on Feb. 18, when the District Court of the Hague hears a legal challenge to it filed by a broad coalition of organizations.

Written by Loek Essers13 Jan. 15 03:36

IoT companies should ensure consumer privacy, warns US regulator

Internet connected devices are popping up like wildfire at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week. But while this new technology has the potential to provide enormous benefits for consumers, tech companies should put more effort into protecting consumer privacy and security, a top official at the U.S. Federal Trade Commission said.

Written by Loek Essers07 Jan. 15 22:58

Amsterdam traffic controllers offer commuters personalized route advice

Ever get stuck in your daily commute? That happens to people in Amsterdam too. But with a new smartphone app that provides free personal route advice based on the latest traffic conditions, Dutch commuters could soon be avoiding annoying traffic jams on their way home.

Written by Loek Essers06 Jan. 15 23:27

New lie detector relies on full-body suit for better accuracy

When you are hooked up to a polygraph lie detector there is only a 60 percent chance a skilled examiner will spot a lie, giving you pretty good odds to get away with one or two untruths. However, Dutch and British scientists have found a way to amp up the accuracy of lie detection to 75 percent by monitoring a suspect's movements with a full-body suit.

Written by Loek Essers06 Jan. 15 00:28

Yes, US workers do still need their email

The end of email has been foretold many times, but despite these predictions of doom, U.S. workers can't seem to get rid of it.

Written by Loek Essers03 Jan. 15 03:21

Cyberattack on German steel factory causes 'massive damage'

A German steel factory suffered massive damage after hackers managed to access production networks, allowing them to tamper with the controls of a blast furnace, the government said in its annual IT security report.

Written by Loek Essers20 Dec. 14 01:08

Microsoft files suit against alleged tech support scammers

Microsoft is finally cracking down on scammers who offer to fix non-existent computer problems for hundreds of dollars. In a first strike, Microsoft sued several U.S. companies it said are involved in fake tech support scams.

Written by Loek Essers19 Dec. 14 23:02

Microsoft kills EU browser choice screen

Microsoft has retired the browser choice screen it agreed to show new Windows users in the European Union as part of an antitrust settlement.

Written by Loek Essers18 Dec. 14 23:29