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EU Parliament votes for tougher rules on use of conflict minerals

The European Parliament wants to apply strict disclosure requirements on companies whose products contain so-called conflict materials, often used in laptops, tablets and smartphones and other consumer electronics.

Written by Loek Essers21 May 15 02:38

No encryption back doors, says EU digital commissioner

There are no plans to require back doors in communications encryption in Europe, according to European Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip. Proposals for mandatory encryption workarounds for mobile devices in the U.S. are the subject of a heated debate.

Written by Loek Essers20 May 15 21:18

YouTube Kids hit with second complaint over harmful content

YouTube Kids, a Google app for preschoolers that is supposed to only show safe content, is full of videos that are potentially harmful to children, according to a complaint filed against it in the U.S.

Written by Loek Essers19 May 15 21:03

Good reviews spell bad legal news for Airbnb host

Good reviews are generally a welcome thing for Airbnb hosts, but in an Amsterdam court case they provided evidence leading to the eviction of a man who was subletting a rental home intended for low-income tenants.

Written by Loek Essers12 May 15 02:25

Microsoft won't give up trademark fight over Skype in Europe

Microsoft plans to appeal a EU court ruling that found its Skype brand is too similar to that of British satellite broadcaster Sky, which holds a European trademark on audiovisual goods, telephony and software-related services categories.

Written by Loek Essers07 May 15 00:27

EU launches antitrust probe into e-commerce sector

Europe's e-commerce market will be subject to a full-fledged antitrust probe, as part of the European Commission's push to tear down walls between the European Union's 28 national digital markets.

Written by Loek Essers06 May 15 20:35

EU set to reveal digital strategy on Wednesday

Google could face increased scrutiny from Wednesday, when the European Commission outlines its strategy to make European companies more competitive online, and to simplify online shopping and movie streaming across borders.

Written by Loek Essers05 May 15 04:04