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Privacy group files OECD complaints over UK telco spying

Privacy International has filed complaints against U.K. telecommunications companies for assisting British intelligence agency Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) with mass interception of telephone and Internet traffic that passes through undersea fiber optic cables.

Written by Loek Essers05 Nov. 13 14:25

Twitter increases top end of IPO price to $25 a share

Twitter on Monday increased the price of shares in its initial public offering to a range of US$23 to $25 per share and also revealed that IBM has claimed the company has infringed on several patents.

Written by Loek Essers04 Nov. 13 16:13

Finland says government communications hacked

The Finnish government's computer networks have been breached by malware for years, and it is possible secure communications have been compromised, the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs confirmed Friday.

Written by Loek Essers01 Nov. 13 15:38

HTC One infringes on Nokia patent, UK court rules

A number of HTC devices including its flagship HTC One smartphone infringe on a Nokia mobile networks standards patent, a U.K. court ruled Wednesday.

Written by Loek Essers31 Oct. 13 06:58

Copyright levy for ISPs violates EU regulation, Belgian government says

A plan by the Belgian association of authors, composers and publishers to make ISPs pay copyright levies for offering access to copyright-protected material online violates the European e-commerce directive, a Belgian government spokeswoman said Wednesday.

Written by Loek Essers30 Oct. 13 13:44

Privacy group doubles down on Supreme Court NSA phone spying case

The U.S. Supreme Court should review a U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) data collection program despite the U.S. government's argument that privacy group EPIC lacks legal standing to challenge the case, the group said Monday.

Written by Loek Essers29 Oct. 13 10:51

Irish High Court to review Facebook Prism complaint

The Irish High Court is going to review whether the Irish Data Protection Commissioner's refusal to investigate Facebook's involvement with the U.S. government surveillance program Prism was lawful.

Written by Loek Essers24 Oct. 13 11:02