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Apache Software Foundation unveils Hadoop 2, replacing MapReduce with YARN

The Apache Software Foundation unveiled its latest release of its open source data processing program, Hadoop 2. It runs multiple applications simultaneously to enable users to quickly and efficiently leverage data in multiple ways at supercomputing speed, Apache said Wednesday.

Written by Loek Essers16 Oct. 13 12:00

Apple hires CEO of Burberry to run retail operations

Apple is hiring Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to lead its retail business, choosing someone from a fashion brand rather than from a consumer electronics retail chain.

Written by Loek Essers15 Oct. 13 09:16

Dutch carriers abused data retention law for marketing purposes

Some Dutch telecommunications and Internet providers have exploited European Union laws mandating the retention of communications data to fight crime, using the retained data for unauthorized marketing purposes, according to a report by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs' Radiocommunications Agency.

Written by Loek Essers14 Oct. 13 15:59

Facebook to buy mobile data compression startup Onavo

Facebook has agreed to acquire mobile data compression startup Onavo and plans to use its technology in an effort to make Internet access more affordable, Facebook said on Monday.

Written by Loek Essers14 Oct. 13 09:44

Report: Skype being investigated in Luxembourg over NSA spying links

Microsoft-owned Skype is under investigation by the Luxembourg data protection authority for its alleged cooperation with the U.S. National Security Agency's (NSA) Prism spying program, according to a report by the Guardian newspaper.

Written by Loek Essers11 Oct. 13 14:30

Facebook fan page creators escape German privacy law

German companies are not legally responsible for the way Facebook processes the personal data of people visiting the companies' Facebook fan pages, a German administrative court ruled on Wednesday, allowing the companies to keep using the pages without violating German data protection laws.

Written by Loek Essers09 Oct. 13 12:25

PS4 to beat Xbox in holiday season sales

Sony's PlayStation 4's lower price will help it to outsell Microsoft's upcoming Xbox One during the year-end holiday season, according to IDC.

Written by Loek Essers03 Oct. 13 10:24