Stories by Loek Essers

Privacy campaigners want review of Irish Facebook, Prism decisions

The privacy campaign group Europe-v-Facebook said Wednesday it will ask the Irish High Court to review decisions made by the Irish Data Protection Commissioner not to investigate Facebook and the U.S. government surveillance program Prism.

Written by Loek Essers28 Aug. 13 13:57

Linus Torvalds celebrates 22 years of Linux with nostalgic message

It was 22 years ago on Sunday that Linus Torvalds announced in a newsgroup posting that he was creating a free operating system, a message he echoed in his announcement Sunday of the latest Linux kernel release candidate.

Written by Loek Essers26 Aug. 13 11:34

Microsoft CEO Ballmer to retire in 12 months

Steve Ballmer will retire as Microsoft CEO at some point in the next 12 months, the company said on Friday, a shocking announcement that comes weeks after he drafted a major business reorganization that's being implemented now.

Written by Loek Essers23 Aug. 13 13:40