Stories by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff

13 tips to get business teams to use your CRM system

Having a great new customer relationship management system won't be worth much until you figure out how to get everyone to use it. CRM experts provide tips on how to get members of your sales, marketing and customer service teams to actually use that expensive new CRM system.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff27 March 13 13:15

13 tips for keeping IT projects under control

How do you keep IT projects under control? Project managers and other experts share their top tips for keeping IT projects on schedule.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff19 March 13 11:17

Top tips to help IT leaders make their business an international success

Just because your business is a success in one place doesn't guarantee it will be successful in another country, where the laws, customs and culture can be quite different. So what does it take to make it abroad? asked business owners and managers with experience opening or running an international office or website for their best tips. Following are the seven top suggestions for increasing international success.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff11 March 13 22:00

Six ways social media affected the enterprise in 2012

Social media has changed more than the way companies market and promote themselves. Social networking has also changed the way companies recruit, how they communicate internally and how they handle sensitive data.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff13 Dec. 12 22:45

11 tips to get the most out of project management software

IT executives and project management experts share their tips on how to choose the right PM software for your organization and how to get your employees to use it effectively.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff10 Oct. 12 13:15

So many projects, so much mismanagement

So many projects, so much mismanagement. That's the refrain of many IT executives. Indeed, even with project management software, IT projects often wind up taking longer (much longer) than planned and costing more than budgeted.

Written by Jennifer Lonoff Schiff26 Sept. 12 22:00