Stories by Carrie Mathews

What you need to know before joining a corporate board

CIOs are increasingly eager to put their business strategy and governance knowledge to good use by serving on external boards of directors. Their reasons - personal and professional growth and benefits to their companies - are well founded, according to TK Kerstetter, president and CEO of Board Member, which publishes Corporate Board Member magazine.
For CIOs, "there is probably no better training than board service to understand all of the challenges that a business has to deal with and to learn about other industries," he says. "CIOs can then take this enhanced knowledge back to their current jobs and organisations."

Written by Carrie Mathews07 Jan. 09 22:00

Upping the strategic ante

While some CEOs recognize the expanding role that the IT organization must play as a partner in creating new value, there are too many companies where the view of IT as a non-strategic service provider or cost centre still persists. CIOs at large and small companies struggle to change this perception and break down the internal boundary separating IT from the rest of the business.

Written by Carrie Mathews11 Nov. 08 08:33

Four tips for crafting a document retention policy

The 2002 Sarbanes-Oxley regulations served as a wake-up call for CIOs to formalize document retention policies to meet compliance requirements. But regulatory demands-and the number of documents produced daily-continue to grow. So a solid document management process is a necessity. CIOs struggle with creating the policies, getting buy-in from the end users and managing the technology. Members of the CIO Executive Council, who meet regularly to discuss compliance approaches, share techniques that have made document retention policies work for them.

Written by Carrie Mathews23 May 08 18:41