Stories by Tracey Caldwell

The CIO's role in delivering green buildings

Not so long ago green IT was hot property. CIOs who had introduced energy-guzzling hardware were keen to get the kudos for reducing electricity bills by switching the hardware off again and replacing it with something more efficient.
Now sentiment is changing: analyst firm Forrester Research has gone as far as to issue a report asking, 'Is Green IT Your Emperor With No Clothes?' and Gartner has voiced concerns about "greenwash". The CIO's contribution to greening the IT estate has become a given and CIOs ahead of the curve are looking beyond green IT and towards leveraging the IT infrastructure to control the building environment, from heating to air-conditioning and ventilation through CCTV and access control.

Written by Tracey Caldwell22 Dec. 08 22:00

Virtualisation software will help optimise IT for business

CIOs who have converted to virtualisation are keen to praise its cost benefits and preach the green benefits of its power savings, but for many the major benefits are yet to be realised. The virtualisation process provides massive opportunity to align IT with the business, and CIOs who are ahead of the virtualisation curve are taking that opportunity.
Most CIOs who have gone down the virtualisation route are still in the process of virtualising their server farm. The early adopters are going beyond that, using the virtualised structure to be more responsive to the business. They are also the first who are considering how to manage being victims of their own success and how to continue to be responsive to the opportunities offered by virtualisation.

Written by Tracey Caldwell29 June 08 22:00

How CIOs Can Enable Power Users

Technology is in the hands of users as never before. As web-based tools from social networking to online applications put powerful easy-to-use technology in the hands of users, technical development is being driven in a direction that may diverge from corporate IT strategy.

Written by Tracey Caldwell21 April 08 09:00

CIOs Hold the Key to Hanging on to Valued Staff

Staff retention has been the concern of HR in the past, but a new multi-disciplinary approach is being driven by the vital contribution the CIO can make towards employee satisfaction.

Written by Tracey Caldwell18 March 08 08:45