Stories by Ian Paul

Four easy ways to cut your software costs in 2015

The holidays are over, the new year has begun, and thoughts are turning back towards normal life--and post-holiday finances. There's a reason that "Save more money" is such a popular New Year's resolution.

Written by Ian Paul17 Jan. 15 03:59

Three things to consider before ditching your laptop for a tablet

For a few years now I've been watching tablets develop into ever more potent machines, with an eye towards making the jump from a laptop to a slate for my mobile workstation. Sure, people have been working on iPads for years, but until recently it's always seemed like a bit of a hack to me.

Written by Ian Paul05 Nov. 14 03:04

Office 2013: What we still don't know

We know that Microsoft Office 2013 emphasizes Cloud integration with new Office 365 subscriptions for home users, a greater focus on touchscreens, and Office on Demand virtualization, but what about the things we don’t know? Microsoft is keeping quiet about several key issues, including pricing, release dates, and whether the software giant will be including Android and iOS devices in its Office 2013 rollout.

Written by Ian Paul18 July 12 13:27