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New York Times CIO shares advice for IT job seekers

When it comes to hiring staff for his technology department, Joseph Seibert has a soft spot for candidates who are underdogs. He admires IT professionals who've charged ahead in their careers despite starting at a disadvantage.
In the past, Seibert has grown so excited about an underdog's personality that he says he has made the mistake of advancing a candidate through the interview process who had a great story but who was not right for the job. Seibert, now senior vice president and CIO of The New York Times Company, says the lesson he's learned from that mistake is to know himself: to be aware of his tendency to get excited and to keep his excitement in check so that it doesn't undermine his effort to hire the best person for the job. It's practiced advice that all hiring managers can benefit from.

Written by Sarah Mitchell11 Oct. 09 22:00