Stories by Matt Hines

IT security and management on collision course

As security companies push into systems management, and vendors in the management space push back, convergence of the two is ongoing and largely unavoidable

Written by Matt Hines04 Jan. 08 04:12

How mobile logistics can streamline your business

Field service automation is one of the most advanced areas for mobile applications development among enterprises, and at US$280-million-per year laundry services provider Mac-Gray, IT managers say such a project has helped the company clean up both its operations and fuel growth.
Tracing its roots back to 1927, when the publicly-held company became the nation’s first certified distributor of Maytag brand washing machines, Mac-Gray currently provides laundry outsourcing services to an estimated 58,000 U.S. locations.

Written by Matt Hines25 July 07 22:00

Organised crime infiltrates financial IT

In Martin Scorsese's hit movie The Departed, actor Matt Damon plays the part of a mole - someone who helps his connected mob friends stay a step ahead of the cops by becoming one of the very law enforcement officials assigned to stop them.
A new report published by antifraud software maker Actimize on July 23 says a similar ruse is being carried out inside the walls of enterprise financial businesses, with the same employees and IT workers whose responsibility is handling and protecting sensitive information being trained and recruited by organized criminals to steal it.

Written by Matt Hines23 July 07 22:00