Stories by Michael Crawford

Australian e-health progress stalled by debate

Intellectualised debate is stalling progress towards a national electronic health records system, according to the MD of database specialist Intersystems Australia.

Written by Michael Crawford13 May 05 14:45

Grid computing claims branded as vendor hype

Australia is being touted as a world leader in the adoption of grid computing standards but analysts have branded the claims vendor hype.

Written by Michael Crawford18 April 05 08:05

Australian banks reject Token security

Australian banks have rejected the use of two-factor authentication such as tokens despite new research showing users are turning to traditional banking methods, because they have lost faith in online banking.
Forrester Research shows 14 percent of U.S.-based consumers have lost confidence in conducting business transactions online due to security issues such as Trojans, worms, keyloggers and phishing attacks.

Written by Michael Crawford01 March 05 22:00

Council launches massive WiFi network

A million-dollar venture to ease IT burdens for small business in remote Australian locations could potentially find itself an exported as a wireless business model.
The Redland Business Accelerator, a million-dollar project between Queensland's Redland Shire Council and the private sector aims to promote a suburb-wide wireless network providing the whole gamut of IT advice for SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) subscribers, including access to mentors.

Written by Michael Crawford08 Sept. 04 22:00