Stories by P.J. Connolly

Product Review: Novell bridges the OS gap

Saying goodbye is one of the hardest things to do, but Novell has finally faced up to the truth that its flagship NetWare operating system has fallen by the wayside. Although what was undoubtedly the best OS of the file-and-print days had been substantially improved throughout the seven years I covered and reviewed it, it became clear that NetWare was never going to be a serious first choice for an application platform. That's a fatal flaw today, when applications and services are how IT delivers.

Written by P.J. Connolly10 July 05 22:00

Blade software needs sharpening

Mass production techniques revolutionized industry in the past two centuries, but when it comes to server configuration in the year 2003, the handcrafted approach of configuring boxes manually, one at a time, still predominates.
This handcrafting may be suitable when businesses have a few machines, but the adoption of blade server technology makes the one-off method impractical. If blade servers are to become the revolutionary IT tool they are touted to be, system vendors must deliver a new generation of management tools, and software vendors have to rework their licensing models.

Written by P.J. Connolly17 Nov. 03 22:00