Stories by Malcolm Wheatley

Training costs in latest IT Infrastructure Library

In its latest incarnation, ITIL is raising vexing questions for IT professionals contemplating adopting it within their companies. The problem? A lack of clarity as to the cost and extent of ITIL training and certification.

Written by Malcolm Wheatley21 Dec. 07 22:13

Judgment calls

When Renato Delatore joined TD Waterhouse Group Inc. as vice president of information systems security three years ago, his group's relationship with the audit function was more about conflict than cooperation.

Written by Malcolm Wheatley12 Nov. 04 16:13

Putting the IT in pit crew

The global circus of Formula One motor racing zooms through 17 countries every season. This year, the international spectacle began in Australia in March and finishes in Japan in October. Every race day, 350 million people in 146 different countries tune in.
Ever-shrinking time margins separate the winners from the rest of the pack. In the 2001 Austrian Grand Prix, for example, just nine-tenths of a second separated the first 10 cars on the grid. Technological progress at this level of racing is marked by the accumulated result of hundreds of tiny incremental performance increases. As the search for those improvements intensifies, race teams are increasingly turning to IT.

Written by Malcolm Wheatley03 Oct. 02 22:00

Inside a security response center

A US$2,000 cheque in your mailbox is normally good news. In early May, however, it was definitely bad news for one unnamed Washington, D.C.-based federal agency CSO. The reason? He'd hired a team of "ethical hackers" from Internet Security Systems (ISS), an Atlanta-based security software and systems vendor. The team's mission was to probe the agency's system over the Internet and identify its weaknesses. "Hacking the system to send him a cheque seemed like a neat way to report back on what we'd found," says Chris Klaus, cofounder and CTO.
Admittedly, many of ISS's 9,000 customers--which include 49 of the Fortune 50--hire the company for less exciting tasks. Dealing with viruses, worms, Trojan horses and distributed denial-of-service attacks is more standard fare. So too is counterterrorism. ISS officials frequently interface with government agencies such as the National Infrastructure Protection Center, the Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office and the National Security Commission. Tom Noonan, ISS president, cofounder and CEO, also consults with national security officials.

Written by Malcolm Wheatley02 Oct. 02 22:00