Stories by Matt Hamblen

Decline in slate tablets bigger than expected, IDC says

Demand for slate-shaped tablets is declining even faster than expected. For all of 2016, global tablet shipments will drop by 9.6% over 2015, market research firm IDC said, marking the second straight year of decline.

Written by Matt Hamblen04 June 16 02:44

Interest in smartphones is flattening

Both Apple and Samsung this week predicted slow growth for smartphone and mobile phone sales in early 2016, making investors queasy.

Written by Matt Hamblen29 Jan. 16 05:35

Weighing the politics of smart city tech

AT&T's heavy focus on smart city Internet of Things technology comes with some weighty political overtones, including how taxpayers and voters will react.

Written by Matt Hamblen06 Jan. 16 01:58

AT&T makes a big push into IoT

In the expanding universe called the Internet of Things, even garbage bins will be networked together wirelessly. That way, a central console -- perhaps one that's monitored automatically -- can know whether a bin has been overturned or is full.

Written by Matt Hamblen11 Sept. 15 03:28

The bring-your-own-device fad is fading

US companies are moving away from the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend that kicked off in earnest five years ago and had workers using their personal smartphones and tablets for work duties, according to a new study.

Written by Matt Hamblen16 July 15 04:11

Apple, Google and others look to goose mobile payments

Because of slack buyer interest and other obstacles facing mobile payments in the U.S., Apple and other companies must inject new features and inducements to boost adoption.

Written by Matt Hamblen06 June 15 06:07

Frustrated by new tech?

LAS VEGAS -- International CES boasts 3,500 vendors this year, many showing off new smartwatches and other wearable gadgets.

Written by Matt Hamblen06 Jan. 15 06:24

GE Capital's CTO sees the death of PCs, the rise of phablets

Even though the term "phablet" draws a lot of snarky remarks, some workplace executives have lately come to appreciate large-screen smartphones. And at least one who should know even believes that smartphones with a display that's 5.5-in. or larger (like the new iPhone 6 Plus or the Galaxy Note 4) could replace PCs in a few years.

Written by Matt Hamblen10 Nov. 14 22:23

In Pictures: Watch out for these smartwatches

With Apple expected to launch an iWatch in October, other vendors including Samsung, LG and Motorola, are getting a headstart with smartwatches in varied shapes and colors.

Written by Matt Hamblen26 June 14 08:24

With big growth in 5-in.-plus smartphones, where's Apple?

The pressure is on Apple to produce a 5-in. or larger display iPhone, since the so-called "phablet" segment grew by 369% in the first quarter and represented 34% of all smartphones shipped.

Written by Matt Hamblen13 May 14 05:20